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Self-Care During Holiday Hell Week

Chef Adam Lamb, Carrer Coach, Coaching, Restauran Revolution, Alison Anne

By Chef Adam Lamb.

Career Coach.

Are you ready?

The holiday season is a busy and stressful time for those in the restaurant industry. Between Christmas and New Year's Day, restaurants are packed with customers looking to celebrate the holidays, which means that hospitality workers are under a lot of pressure to deliver a high level of service.

I call this time of year "Holiday Hell Week."

Why? Because it can and will take a toll on the mental and physical health of our staff - and ourselves - if we're not committed to being a "good steward of our vibration." This is why we need to be extra vigilant during this peak holiday period and be on the lookout for any staff members who may be showing signs of duress.

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It's important for those in the hospitality industry to take care of themselves during this time to manage the stress and demands of the job, and to prevent accidents and injuries from occurring.

Your need for self-care rises in direct proportion to revenue lift.

If this is your peak period, and you expect to be busier while trying to do more with less labor, then you MUST carve out time for your own self care. One cannot pour from an empty cup, no matter how rich the brew.

"I can handle anything," I think I hear you say. Yes, you can.

Until you can't. It's a matter of cumulative, not situational stress.

It's kind of like being a smoker - for the first 15 years you might not have a cough, but after the 200th pack there's a new tickle in the back of your throat.

"What's that?", you think.

The busier you are, the more you need to double down on your 'practise', whatever that looks like.

Here are three suggestions for better mental and physical health, no matter how busy you are.

  1. Take frequent breaks, even if it's only 10 minutes in the store room with the door closed. It can happen anywhere, at any time.

  2. Get enough rest and proper nutrition. A fun fact - alcohol actually negatively affects and decreases the amount of deep, restorative sleep you need to repair and nourish your body properly.

  3. Seek support from colleagues or professionals if necessary.

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TEXT "HOME" to 741741 to get a list of resources from The Burnt Chef Project that you can use now to get the assistance you, a co-worker, or your family might need at this most stressful time.

Don't let the holiday season get the best of you! Remember to prioritize your health and well-being, and seek out the support you need to get through the busy season.

By taking care of yourself, you'll be better able to deliver the high level of service that your customers and associates expect, and you'll be able to enjoy the holiday season too.

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