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2022 - I am Complete

David Bingley, Coach, Coachin, Leadership, Restaurant Revolution, Alison Anne

By David Bingley CPCC, PCC.

Development Coach in Leadership, Communication, Relationships & Career.

I find it productive and energizing to conduct an end of year Retrospective to complete the year, honor it, and let it go… and only then do I intentionally look forward to planning the coming year! And in planning the coming year I am very intentional about what it is that I want to achieve. Taking the time now to approach the year this way can save days of headache and questions in the future.

By looking through the lens of “Who was I being? And what was I doing?”, I can gauge if and when my intentions and actions were aligned. I look at what I learned and what I can do differently. I look at the “HOW”! How did I do that? What did my behaviors, principles, and actions look like?

Complete, Done, Fine, 2022, Made it

AND… as Henry Ford said… “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

So how can you do this for yourself?

Create a chart of two columns with 12 rows to represent each month. In the first column list the successful accomplishments, projects, and tasks, both personal and professional, by calendar month to celebrate them! In the second column list the failures, setbacks and challenges, again both personal and professional, to review learnings and strategies.

Then complete the following sentences:

· My wisest decision was to…

· My biggest lesson was…

· My largest impact was…

My top three accomplishments were:

· Make a list of the top 3

· What did I do to achieve them?

· How did I do that?

My top three challenges were:

· Make a list of the top 3

· What did I learn from them?

· What could I have done differently?

Who, What, Where do I need to:

· Let go of…

· Forgive…

· Celebrate…

Success, Complete, Made it, Grateful

Distill the year into 3 words

And when you have completed the exercise, say:

“I am complete. I let 2022 go… Thank you for the experience… I learned so much… I am grateful.”

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