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Thoughts Your Employees Wish You Knew

Clarice Connolly, Restaurant, Couching, Accountability, Leadership

By Clarice Connolly.

Accountability Coach.

As a FOH staff employee for over 15 years, I have seen my fair share of slow seasons - from corporate to mom and pops, diners to 5-star establishments. No matter where you go or what you have on your menu, the sentiment is the same.

There are a lot of unspoken truths that most employees just wish you knew without them having to say.

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This corner of our newsletter shares what it is you might have missed along the way from an employee perspective. Take this opportunity as food for thought for how to inspire, engage, and create a new approach to your team during the January doldrums.

Gone are the days where the slow season’s focus is: “If you have time to lean, you have time to clean.” Sure, there will still be cleaning to be had. But how can you use this time to invest in the psyche of your staff? Everyone wants to feel like they matter and are cared for. Taking the time to get to know your staff can support in building trust, connection, and respect.

If you already have that under your belt - what is the felt sense that your team has been giving off over the holiday season? Has everyone been burning the candle from both ends? What do they like to do to unwind? What is their relationship to self-care? If your people enjoy the business and chaos that is physical work, then how can you use slow time to challenge their mental capacity? Investing in their quality of mind, higher purpose goals, and commitment to your establishment can really support employee retention among many other things.

It might seem like this is all bologna, that maybe your team would never buy into this. But allow them to surprise you, and even consider that this very well may be the first time anyone has shown them they care in this way. After all, everyone loves a good challenge!

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